A Suite of Products Designed To Power and Grow Your Business

Nirvana XP is a single platform that combines business applications, customer-facing software, payment processing, inventory management and intelligent reporting with third-party integrations so you can improve efficiencies, attract more diners. and boost your bottom line.

NXP Business App
  • POS System.
  • Cloud Based.
  • Real Time updates.
  • Front of the house & Back of the House operations.
  • Payments.
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NXP Consumer App
  • Consumer facing app.
  • Place orders (Pick up or Delivery).
  • Order Tracking.
  • Online Check In / Reservation.
  • Order Summary.
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  • Kitchen Display System (Full Touch configured)
  • Ability to bump individual items & also the entire Order
  • Label Printing
  • Recipe View
  • All day summary (Of items currently active)
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NXP Web Plugin
  • Online ordering
  • Online Check In / Reservation
  • Payments
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Summary
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NXP Admin
  • Configurator Tool for NirvanaXP platform
  • Configure Items, attributes, Categories, discounts, printers, payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Reports
  • Multi-location vs Single location view
  • Tipping Model
  • Business Settings
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NXP Analytics
  • Real time updates of sales data
  • Sales broken down by Weekly, Monthly and Yearly (For comparison)
  • Multi-location vs single location report
  • Comparison by Weekly, Monthly and Yearly sales data. (last year to current date)
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NXP Self Serve
  • Customer Self Order application
  • Place Order, make payment on Kiosk
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NXP Driver
  • Delivery Application for Drivers
  • Business Assigns drivers to Orders
  • Driver starts Delivery for assigned Orders
  • GPS based map to guide Drivers
  • Track Driver status
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