Exceed Your Business Goals With Nirvana XP’s Powerful Point of Sale

Nirvana XP’s all-in-one Point of Sale is a robust system that will help you run a well-oiled, profitable business. Furthermore, it works with any kind of hardware and payment processor, so you won’t have to change a thing!

Get your free quote and demo of our system to see for yourself how our Nirvana XP’S POS brings added value to your business, from generating more revenue, to improving efficiencies, to delighting your customers!

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Find out how Nirvana XP is transforming businesses, one restaurant at a time.

Nirvana XP’s Point of Sale is Used and loved by our clients all over the world!

Nirvana XP’s POS works for every type and size of restaurant business


Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Nirvana XP’s Quick Service all-in-one mobile application platform is built by a restauranteur and has its eye on speed, reliability, security, and efficiency. Armed with the ability to process orders at lightning speed, you will see wait times to a minimum. You’ll be able to easily track your best-selling items, how much inventory you have, and what needs to be restocked giving you full control of your inventory, and much more.


Fast Casual

Employ a platform that works as fast and hard as your business does. Just like a fast casual restaurant needs to strike the perfect balance between the speed of a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and the experience and quality of casual dining, Nirvana XP’s works continuously to help you achieve that balance. Turn tables faster and increase the speed of delivery, al the while creating a complete dining experience for your guests so they keep coming back for more.


Restaurant & Bar

Turn tables faster with NIRVANA XP’s Restaurant and Bar all-in-one mobile application platform. Nirvana XP’s restaurant management platform is a complete solution – a one-stop shop for everything you’ll ever need in to profitably run and grow your Restaurant & Bar. Robust features like employee management, inventory management, customer data, waitlist, reservations, feedback, etc. give you the ability to work on your business instead of in your business.



Nirvana XP was specifically built for large, multi-location restaurants of all types, offering scalability, flexibility, security, speed of service, and ease of use. It is 100% secure with features that allow centralized management and reporting to easily run and grow the franchise and other multi-location chains on a global level. There are white labeling options on the platform.