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Make Intelligent Decisions Based On Real Metrics

Take the guesswork out and use Business Intelligence to make better decisions in your business. Never miss a critical business insight and access data from anywhere, anytime. Access all your data on one dashboard so you get a 360-degree view of your business.
Get Real-time updates of sales data

You don’t have to wait for daily, weekly or monthly reports anymore. See the metrics as they come in.

Make comparisons based on time-period

Sales are broken down by weekly, monthly, and yearly. Know your sales numbers broken down by weekly, monthly or yearly for benchmarks and comparisons.

Multi-location vs single location report


Comparison by Weekly, Monthly and Yearly sales data. (last year to the current date)

Nirvana XP Provides a Complete Solution

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Nirvana XP Is Built To Work With All Types of Restaurants.

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