NXP Admin

NXP Admin

Configurator Tool for NirvanaXP platform

Configure Items, attributes, Categories, discounts, printers, payments

Inventory Management

Streamline Back of House operations and processes with Nirvana XP’s state-of-the-art Inventory Management features. Enable waste reduction and know your inventory down to the last ingredient. Save both time and money with this system as it allows you to buy the right quantities at the right time.


Take the guesswork out of planning, forecasting, and reporting to strategize for sales, profit, process efficiencies, customer relationship management, inventory and employee management, as well as revenue and growth with Nirvana XP’s secure, reliable, accurate Business Intelligence (BI). Plus you keep your data with you.

Multi-location vs Single location view

Tipping Model

Business Settings

Nirvana XP Provides a Complete Solution

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Nirvana XP Is Built To Work With All Types of Restaurants.

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