Job Description

Position: Advanced Analytics Associate


The main job duties are to support the strategy and managing projects, people or innovation streams for the Nirvana XP platform. Conduct a variety of statistical analyses including data mining, predictive modeling and/or actuarial techniques for Nirvana XP Analytics product. Review analyses and provide direction and insight. Serve as a subject matter expert in Advanced statistical analyses. Actuarial and/or research methods. Work directly with client’s team of analysts and/or project members.

Job duties:

Requirement Analysis

  • Communicate with the customer (Client) to gather requirements for data analytics and insight and document them.
  • Analyze the business process and define value proposition for the client.
  • Validate and document business flow, processing rules, identify business metrics for measurement.
  • Conduct meetings with system analysts, engineers, programmers and others to design system and to understand project limitations, capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces (if any).
  • Analyze user needs to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints.

Process Improvement and Optimization

  • Identify new opportunities that drive significant improvement to business performance (customer experience, efficiency and/or revenue) within client.
  • Leverage analytics, programming and process improvement methodologies to provide a data-driven approach to improvements.
  • Present opportunities to the leadership (Director/VP and above).
  • Provide fact-based, compelling recommendations to drive consensus and strategic alignment.
  • Develop comprehensive Cost Benefit Analysis (CBAs) to capture financial impacts of initiatives.

Analysis and Strategy

  • Identify new ways to leverage data and information to drive insights and better understand customer and employee experiences.
  • Act as a data expert for Nirvana XP Analytics to provide quick and efficient understanding of data availability, limitations and effectiveness.
  • Help to drive overall organizational awareness and capabilities related to data resources.
  • Leverage a variety of modeling strategies and simulation tools to understand and predict customer behavior, forecast and future growth based on Al algorithm.
  • Develop overall strategies that optimize efficiency, revenue and customer experience and business performance metrics.
  • Work with business partners to define and refine new business operational metrics (e.g. Efficiency/Utilization metrics).
  • Present findings and recommendations to senior leadership (Director/VP and above (to drive Nirvana XP product roadmap.


  • Identify, analyze, record, track and resolve application problems.
  • Work closely with the Client to ensure the proposed design meets the Client’s requirement.
  • Frequently present Application demos to the Client to keep them engaged in the development process.
  • Analyze; document an assist in making necessary changes if the Client’s requirement changes.
  • Identify trends in client data to make actionable recommendations.
  • Contribute to development of model creation, testing, execution and maintenance.
  • Create dashboards to support the analytics when needed.

Testing Application

  • Read all documents and understand what needs to be tested.
  • For testing, include all aspects of the application.
  • Perform Unit testing and integration testing for either new or modified application.
  • Create a test environment and integration testing for either new or modified application.
  • Create a test environment and test scenarios.
  • Execute all the test cases and report issues, define priority for each issue.
  • Modify software to correct errors and improves its performance.
  • Carry out regression testing every time changes are made to the code.

Deployment & Maintenance

  • Aid clients in implementing application, updates.
  • Prepare technical documents, user manuals, and help files.
  • Provide post installation support to client.


  • Hours: 40 hours a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Education: Masters Degree in Information and Data Systems, Computer Engineering or related field required.


  • Data mining
  • Predictive modeling
  • Actuarial techniques
  • Advanced statistical analyses
  • Lucidchart
  • Timetask
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